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We sincerely welcome you to the homepage of the Hanyang Peace Institute of Hanyang University.

The Hanyang Peace Institute (HPI) is a leading interdisciplinary research institute in South Korea, devoted to the studies of emerging challenges on peace from the perspective of cultural politics. Before it was founded in 2014, the HPI was already conducting the Social Science Korea(SSK) Research Project titled “Identifying the Structure of Cultural Conflicts in Europe and East Asia,” (2010~2013) funded by National Research Foundation(NRF) of Korea. Since its birth, the HPI has conducted two other NRF-funded SSK projects under the agenda of “Coping with Cultural Conflicts in Europe and East Asia: Achievements and Limits”(2013~2016) and “Constructing Cultural Governance Model for RecognitionCoexistence and ConvivialityHospitality”(2016~2020). 

The history of the 20th century was one of the difficult times with nation-states competing with one another for the sake of securing their security and peace under the threat of war. However, from the turn of the century to this day, we have faced entirely new types of challenges to peace-making and peace-keeping. In the past, there was a tendency to regard the concept of peace as referring to a passive peace (a.k.a. absence of war). Today, we understand peace in a broader sense, active peace, which implies freedom from a wider range of threats including ones on the quality of human life. Accordingly, the notion of security has increasingly turned away from the conventional concept of national security towards one of human security, putting more emphasis on the importance of quality of life. 

In the past, the problems of passive peace and national security had mainly been studied in the academic field of political science. However, new challenges for sustaining active peace and human security have strongly demanded more integrative and interdisciplinary approaches over a wide range of academic fields including politics, economics, sociology, culture, environment, etc. With all that in mind, the HPI is devoted to constructing a new paradigm for peace studies for the 21st century. And as part of these efforts, the HPI website, like a cyberspace of communications for peace studies, will continue to provide a variety of information and share ideas on peace.

We are very thankful for your visiting our website and sincerely ask for your sustained interest in and generous advice for our activities for peace. Thank you. 

The Hanyang Peace Institute
Director Jinwoo Choi